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A Message from MPC Foundation Chair Joe Pinheiro

By September 16, 2020No Comments

The CAAMP Foundation was originally created with several key objectives related to financial literacy and supporting students and teachers. Relaunched as the Mortgage Professionals Canada Foundation in 2020, our board and team will be driven by a new mission and vision, with a keen focus on on improving shelter and housing needs in Canada.

Vision Statement

“To be the mortgage industry’s preferred way of contributing to Canada’s communities.”

Mission Statement

“A conduit to the mortgage industry to help improve our society through charitable activities.”

The last six months have taught Canadians that our homes have never been more important. The Foundation has chosen to work primarily with registered and recognized charitable organizations that address affordable housing, homelessness, and safe housing issues in Canada. Their services are needed by disadvantaged Canadians now more than ever. The Foundation wants to support these worthy causes.

Additionally, the Foundation will help promote good works events and activities across the mortgage broker industry. I know how generous our community is, and wants to continue to be – and the Foundation wants to do its part in amplifying your efforts. Let’s show Canada how much we want to help put people in happy homes where they can grow safely.

Our community is a resourceful and resilient bunch of optimists. We will adapt and overcome the COVID-19 Pandemic. These strange times will end. Until then, while we may not have our traditional golf tournaments and wine and dine events in 2020, we need to keep fundraising. In the coming weeks and months, the board and I hope you will join us in our mission.

Together, we can raise money and awareness for great causes and help support vulnerable Canadians in a truly meaningful way. The MPC Foundation will welcome you, your ideas, and your money! Let us know how you think you and the Foundation can and should do to help our fellow Canadians as we look forward to 2021 and beyond.

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