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Shelter Movers collaborates with local businesses and community services (e.g. shelters, police, schools, services) who refer clients that have decided to leave an abuser, and have a safer place to go. Shelter Movers makes all the arrangements to move and store survivors’ belongings securely, on the clients’ terms, empowering survivors as they transition to a life free of violence.

Partnering for Impact

Everyone has a role to play in ending gender-based violence. Through partnerships with local law enforcement and private security firms Shelter Movers is able to maintain a safe environment for clients and volunteers. Large corporate partners and small businesses show they care for their community by providing financial and in-kind resources needed to help survivors through Shelter Movers.

Building a Community

Shelter Movers brings together a community of volunteers dedicated to ending gender-based violence. Volunteers benefit from trauma-informed training, meeting like-minded people and making a difference in their own communities. As allies in the movement men, in particular, have an opportunity to be part of a community that serves women fleeing violence on their own terms.

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