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What Drives Corina Murphy to Give Back?

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Corina Murphy’s name has become synonymous with community involvement.

The Team Lead at Premiere Mortgage Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, has earned a reputation thanks to her passion for giving back and helping others.

“I am a mother, friend, spouse, mortgage broker and supporter of the under privileged,” reads her listing on 100 Brokers Who Care, an initiative where 100 brokers donate $100 every quarter and vote on the cause they want to support. “I feel very fortunate to live the life that I do, and I love to give back to my community as thanks for what the universe has graciously provided to me.”

Murphy’s latest endeavour has been her involvement in organizing an annual golf tournament to support Raising the Roof, a charity focused on preventing homelessness, as well as other initiatives. Murphy was recognized for her contributions last year when she became a finalist for the 2019 CMA Excellence in Philanthropy and Community Service award as well as receiving the Women in the Mortgage Industry (WIMI) Inspiration award in 2019.

We spoke with Murphy to learn more about her passion to help others and the latest projects she’s involved in.


Have you always been one to give back to the community?

I have actually, for quite a long time. I used to be a Big Sister with Peel Region. I did that before I had kids. And I’m still in contact with that girl today. That was a great experience to help somebody that needed just a little support in life from a non-family perspective.

For four years in a row I did the 60-kilometre walk raising funds for breast cancer, and at Premiere Mortgage Centre we’ve been doing Habitat for Humanity builds for seven years. This started with Premiere as a way for us to get the agents together and give back to the community.

On the personal side, I do a donation to women’s shelters at Christmastime. We just call and find out what they need, and my kids and I pick out stuff for them and drop it off. So, I guess giving back has always been a big part of myself and my family. My daughter is also involved in that. She’s a nursing student and has done two volunteer vacations in South Africa and Honduras, and my son has participated in a Habitat build with us.

Premiere also helps out the Daily Bread Food Bank and adopting youth with The DAM in Peel Region, which is a community non-profit that supports at-risk youth. At the Daily we do food sorting and palletizing. It’s a great event for us to get out while giving back as well.


What drives you to do what you do?

I find we’re so fortunate in our industry, not just monetarily, but we get to make a lot of people happy by helping them pursue their dreams and obtain homeownership. Raising the Roof, I felt, was very much connected to what we do as an industry.

We get to see these happy people all the time get into homes, but there are people who can’t even find a place to sleep at night. So, it was an amazing way for us to rally a bunch of industry people together and make a bigger impact. One person can make a small impact, but if it wasn’t for all our agents and our industry partners, doing this charity work for Raising the Roof would not be possible. It wouldn’t be as impactful, let’s just put it that way. We’ve had three (golf tournaments) now and we’ve raised over $30,000 for Raising the Roof, $10,000 for the Fight to End Breast Cancer, and Blue Door Shelters have also been a recipient.

What is Raising the Roof?

Raising the Roof is an organization based in Toronto that looks for long-term housing solutions for homelessness in Canada. All of the money raised is though a charity golf tournament that I run. I include lenders, agents and centres of influence at this charity and it really is a group effort.


How and when did your involvement with Raising the Roof begin?

So, I was made aware of this organization back in 2017. I got in contact with the CEO at the time, Michael Brathwaite, and he was great to work with and very receptive. We spoke and I said, “Here’s what we want to do.” I had never run a golf tournament before. The goal was to raise $5,000 in that first year and we ended up raising just under $9,000. It was super overwhelming. They’ve been so great to work with and we have been creating a lot of awareness around the state of homelessness in Canada.


What is the most rewarding aspect of giving your time and energy to worthy causes?

What I’m most proud of is the ability to see what a group of people can do and see what the impact of that can be. I feel extremely humbled that this tournament has taken on a life on its own. And it’s not just Premiere. We have agents come from different brokerages that are our competition. And for me, I don’t care who comes, it’s for the charity.


What advice would you offer others wanting to be more involved in giving back?

Just start it. It’s such a good feeling that you get helping someone else. There’s always somebody else that is worse off than you, and we can be so consumed with our own little world sometimes. I think it’s a basic requirement as a human being to help others who need the help. If you pick up the phone and call a charity and say, “Hey, we really want to get involved, how can we help?” they’re more than happy to talk to you and offer help and suggestions. It can be something as simple as using your organizational skills to help, volunteering your time, making connections or donating money. There’s always a way to get involved.

This article first appeared in 2020, Issue 1 of Perspectives magazine, first published in May 2020 by Mortgage Professionals Canada.

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